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Welcome to Vernon Township - Hancock County government

As your newly elected Township Trustee, I will have open communications about meetings, initiatives and community engagement opportunities. This new website and facebook page are for you to learn about our fire, ambulance, park and public assistance services.  

During the 2018 campaign I repeatedly cited Public Safety as my number one concern. Over the past few months, I’ve toured and studied the fire, EMT and ambulance service in our township. Meetings with both fire station chiefs, the Fire Marshal, numerous fire fighters, Priority (formerly Seals) ambulance service and town officials in McCordsville and Fortville. 

This week I'm excited to welcome our new Public Safety Director, Todd Jordan to the Vernon Township team. Our primary public safety objectives will include:

1. Proper staffing to cover growing needs. Our all-volunteer firefighters have done a professional job but unless the community steps up with additional volunteers very quickly, the township will need to hire paid firefighters and EMTs to cover the rapidly expanding run load. 

2. The positioning of fire and ambulance equipment needs to be appropriate to the population centers and with attention to the growth in train traffic which has the potential to delay emergency response. 

3. Financial analysis needs to be done with projections for several years so that proper budgeting for staffing, equipment allocation, station maintenance and station building. This planning allows for grant applications and partnership with appropriate local, county, state and federal government. 

4. Expand youth initiative programs to recruit future firefighters, EMTs and ambulatory staff. The McCordsville station has grown their cadet program and with the new fire station in Fortville there will be expanded opportunities. A new Mt Vernon career explorer program provides opportunities to promote training programs to high school students.

5. Accountability in all township contracts must be established to ensure the appropriate return on taxpayer investment in public safety is achieved. Contract payment is tied to reasonable and appropriate expectations.

I'm proud of our Vernon Township public safety team and look forward to our professional growth throughout 2019. Sincerely,

Florence May


Vernon Township - Hancock County

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