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Vernon Township Fire Protection Territory Board Agenda June 30, 2021

Meeting Location: The Board will meet in person at the Vernon Township Office, 700 W. Broadway in Fortville Indiana. Seating is limited to comply with COVID restrictions. Please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 898 4922 1611

Passcode: 081287


  1. Call to Order – Trustee Florence May

  2. June 14 Meeting Minutes

  3. Career Health Insurance Benefits - Attached (Benefits Summary Packet)

  4. Presentation- Kevin Mandrell, Walker Hughes Insurance

  5. Board Discussion

  6. Vote

  7. 1977 Police Fire Pension Resolution- Attached (Pension Resolution)- Chief Abel

  8. Board Discussion

  9. Vote

  10. 2021 Salary Resolution Update- Attached (2021 Salary Resolution Addendum)- Chief Abel

  11. Board Discussion

  12. Vote

  13. Hiring Policy - Attached (VTFPT Personnel Hiring Policy 2021)- Chief Abel

  14. Board Discussion

  15. Vote

  16. Hiring Process Update- Chief Abel

  17. Authorized Career Strength- Attached (2021 Authorized Career Strength and Rank), Chief Abel

  18. Board Discussion

  19. Vote

  20. Automated External Defibrillator Purchase- Attached (AED Quote) Division Chief Culberson

  21. Miscellaneous

  22. Land Purchase Update- Trustee May

  23. McCordsville station financing schedule update Update (Financing Schedule)- Trustee May

  24. Town Council budget meetings 2022- Trustee May

  25. Indebtedness Resolution (Indebtedness Resolution)- Trustee May

  26. Vehicle Purchase Update- Chief Abel

  27. Old Business

  28. New Business

Call to Adjourn

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