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Vernon Township Board Meeting : March 27th - 7pm

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Vernon Township Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Starts at 7 p.m.

700 W. Broadway, Fortville

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Board President, Gary Sharrett.

Meeting attendees:

Florence May – Trustee

Gary Sharrett – Board President

Marybeth Sears – Board Member

Nancy Cushman – Board Secretary

Amanda Fronek – Deputy Trustee

Todd Jordan – Public Safety Director

Trevor Oak – Fortville Fire Department Treasurer

Helen Wildermuth - Stonehuggers

Tim Hexamer – Fortville Town Council

Denise Hexamer – concerned citizen

Review and Acceptance of January Board Meeting Minutes:

The February Board Meeting minutes have been posted on the web site. They were reviewed and accepted as posted by a unanimous vote. January and February minutes

Property Management

a. Property Sale: The land appraisals were presented to the board. Reminder that the actual appraisal amounts are not available to public but may be purchased from the Appraisers.

Sale bids must meet 90% of the average valuation of the property.

-It was noted that the 2019 budget, which was developed by the previous administration in 2018, is predicated on the sale of the property. This was noted to allow the board to understand the need to sell the property.

-Draft Public Bid Notices were presented for board review also.

-With no further discussion, a motion made by MaryBeth Sears to sell the 104 N Main property. That motion was seconded by Nancy Cushman. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

-A motion was made by Nancy Cushman to sell the 726 W. Broadway property and seconded by MaryBeth Sears. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


-McCordsville Cemetery: Stonehuggers presented a final bill for the project. Total amount due is $23,410, after Stonehuggers donation of $20,000 toward the project. The original contract was for $106,500, not to exceed $120,000. Prior administration only budgeted for the $106,500. Stonehuggers agreed to accept a payment of $13,500 now, with the last balance of $9,910 paid from the sale of the property. This will leave $21,469 in the budget for the care of cemeteries for the rest of 2019.

-There is still dirt fill and fence replacement needed.

-Trees need to be cut back to the creek – a quote has been requested from Dependable Tree Removal Company for this.

-Mowing for the cemeteries has been done by Paul Starks in the past.

-A quote has been requested from Stonehuggers for the 2020-2023 budget discussion


-Spring Upkeep – quotes have been requested from Leslie Coatings for the basketball and tennis courts

-Lawncare quotes will be open for bids on April 5th.

-A quote has been received for the New Shed - $1685.

d.Flags –

Brian Swift is repairing the flags.


a. Property tax update:

The attorney was able to show that the Vitality Drive properties were acquired by an exempt organization from an exempt organization. Therefore $21.494 in erroneous taxes was written off.

700 W. Broadway (Seals Building) – this was an error by the title company for failing to notify the purchaser that there was $16,166.70 in unpaid property taxes. The Trustee has requested the lawyer to move forward with contacting the title company and Randy Seals for payment of those taxes.

b. The annual report has been uploaded and submitted as required.

c.Phones: The phone contract has been changed to Verizon and should be ported by the end of the week. The charge will be approximately $130 per month.

d. Other Financial Items:

-We have contracted with a new township financial planner – Michael Routers. We received very high recommendations from Delaware and Fall Creek Townships. He will be paid $3750 for the initial financial plan and starting in June, he will be paid $600 a month for seven months.

-There was an encumbrance presented under the previous administration to provide for shortfall in construction funding for the new fire station. That encumbrance was not signed. Therefore, there will be a special board meeting on April 11th to sign the encumbrance as it must be advertised for 10 days prior to signing. These funds will come from the 2019 cumulative fire budget.

-The township has contracted with Seals/Priority One for $300,000 per year to be paid quarterly. The first quarter payment has been made, leaving a balance in the EMS fund of $6672.71. This is funded by property tax payments that are received in June and December. A letter is being drafted to Tony at Seals requesting they work with us on the payments until tax funds are received. Due to this, we have chosen not to pursue the property tax issue with Priority, only with the title company and Randy Seals.

-The township has contracted with ADP for payroll since there will be paid/part time firefighters on the payroll now. The cost for that is $62 per month.

There have been notices received from the IRS as the ID numbers for the building corporation and township have been mixed up. This is being worked on.

-The current township savings account is only earning .5% interest as the current bank does not have municipality division. Other banking options are being explored.

Fire/Public Safety

a. Hiring Process for Paid Part Time Firefighters

There have been 15 firefighters hired – three per shift

They will work 7am – 7pm, 2 days a week for 24 hours a week

This will help the department comply with the NFPA standard of 4 firefighters per truck.

The new hires will start after the new station is open.

Gear costs $3000 per person. Fortville helped with the cost by having 5 extra sets of gear available.

b. Fire Contract Status

Fortville signed the contract on March 26th. McCordsville has a meeting scheduled on April 4th to vote on the contract.

Part of the contract is to take back the financial control of the departments and implement a PO process. This will enable the ability of tracking line items. Fortville was able to provide a detail of cash disbursements. McCordsville did not provide one.

c. SAFER Grant Process:

The first step is to be Vernon Township Fire Department with its own ID number.

This was also necessary to hire the part time firefighters.

In a sense, this mean that both departments will “lose” their identity but not their history.

There will be a meeting on April 16th with both departments and the newly hired part time firefighters.

Old Business

The mural has been completed – thank you Henry Werking (intern).

New Business

There was no new business to be discussed

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will be Wednesday, April 24th at 7pm.

A motion was made by Nancy Cushman and seconded by MaryBeth Sears to close the meeting at 9:18 pm.

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