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Vernon Township Board Meeting Agenda October 24 2019

I. Call Board Meeting to Order - Gary Sharrett

II. 2020 Budget Approval – Gary Sharrett

a. The Vernon Township 2020 budget was published on Gateway.

b. The Vernon Township 2020 budget public hearing was on October 2.

c. Adopt the Vernon Township 2020 Budget, Property Tax Levy and Property Tax Rate. (Vote)

III. Township Assistance and Community Engagement – Stacy Nielsen, Community Engagement Manager

a. Township Assistance Report

b. Community Outreach Events – Energy Savings Workshop on November 6

c. Community Garden

d. League Coordination Meeting

e. Other

IV. EMS – Kiely Culberson, Vernon Township EMS Coordinator

a. EMS Transition and ALS Certification Update

b. EMS Fee Schedule Proposal (Vote? November 20?)

c. 2019 Green Township Cum Fund – $1 Monitor Lease/5 year Agreement

d. Other

V. Fire – Todd Jordan, Chief Vernon Township Fire Department

a. Run Report (Fire and medical totals for the year) b. Organization Chart and Staffing Update c. Safe Haven Baby Box – Coordination and Procedures d. Firefighter I & II Course Update e. Other

VI. Finance – Amanda Fronek, Deputy Trustee

a. 2020 Budget Resolution-November Board Meeting Priorities Discussion b. Insurance Agent Update c. Volunteer Fire Due Diligence - McCordsville Volunteer d. Work Comp Audit Status e. SBOA Audit Status f. Policies for November Board Approval g. End of Year Budget Appropriations

VII. Trustee Report

a. Growth appeal submitted.

b. Resolution to Create Donation Fund.

c. Special Legislation

i. Analysis and Calculation of Need

ii. Presentation to Ben Tooley,

iii. Local Officials Presentation at November 14 Task Force Mtg

iv. Fact Sheet

d. 2020 Green Township Agreement

a. Signed Agreement

b. Needs addendum with updated geographic boundary addresses/map.

c. Lease of equipment purchased by Green Township needs to be drafted.

e. 2020 McCordsville Volunteer Lease

f. Upcoming Activities

a. Presentation to McCordsville Parks Board on October 28

b. Firehouse Subs Grant Submission on November 1

c. Medical Complex Lease – MV Realtor Meeting on November 6

VII. Old Business – Gary VIII. New Business – Gary IV. Vote to Adjourn – Gary

November Meetings (Mark your Calendar)

November 14 at 5:30 p.m. – Vernon Township Fire Task Force November 20 at 6:00 p.m. – Vernon Township Board Meeting and 2020 Planning Session

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