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Vernon Township Board Meeting Agenda November 20 2019

I. Call Board Meeting to Order - Gary Sharrett

II. Approval of Minutes

a. September Minutes

b. October Minutes

III. Smoke Free Resolution

IV. Township Assistance and Community Engagement – Stacy Nielsen, Community Engagement Manager

a. Township Assistance Report

b. Discussion Township Assistance Policy

c. Discussion Housing & Cremation Rates

d. Community Garden- Garden Manager

e. League Coordination Meeting- December 4th

V. SWOT Analysis- Todd Jordan- Fire Chief, Kiely Culberson- EMS Coordinator, Stacy Nielsen- TA

a. Discussion

b. Feedback

VI. Old Business – Gary VII. New Business – Gary VIII. Vote to Adjourn – Gary

December Meetings (Mark your Calendar)

December 11th- 6:00 pm Board Meeting

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