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Vernon Township Board Meeting Agenda June19 2019

Call Meeting to Order – Gary Sharrett

May Minutes Review and Approval – Gary Sharrett

Parks – Florence May

Overview of Parks Repairs (see attached)

Budget Implication

Liability Concerns – Need contracts with all scheduled usage of parks

Maintenance & ManPower Concerns – Considering options for 2020

Cemeteries – Florence May

Overview of Cemetery Repairs

Budget Implication

Property Management – Florence May

Contracts for both 726 W Broadway and 401 N. Main St – Reviewed and Approved by Attorney; Signed by Robert Ferrell and Florence May – Trustee

Closing Schedule for property sales – Pending

Update on New Station Construction & Finance

Seals Building is now the Township Office – Painting

Medical Complex and Additional Land

Fire & Ambulance – Chief Todd Jordan

Update on Fire Operations

Fortville - Paid Part Time & Paid Per Run

Paid Per Run

General Orders


Fortville Volunteer Fire

McCordsville Volunteer Fire

SEALS Negotiation and Ambulance Renegotiation


Comments were due by June 18


Board Vote

Tornado Sirens

Meetings with Hamilton and Hancock County

New MOU with both Hancock and Hamilton Counties - Status

Coordinated testing by both Hancock and Hamilton Counties - Status

New radios to link to Hancock County – Quote Status

Task Force - Summary By Category

Task Force Mtg – Finance Analysis on June 24th at 6:30 p.m.

Station Committee Mtg on June 25th at 10:00 a.m.

Manpower Committee TBD late June

Equipment Committee TBD late June

SAFER Grant Work Team TBD late June

Public Opening & Volunteer History Mtg on June 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Presentations to McCordsville and Fortville Town Councils

Finance – Amanda Fronek

a. Property Tax Update

b. Baker Tilly Update 

c. Payroll

d. McCordsville Lease Payment

e.  PO Process f.  Supply Warehouse g.  Key Fobs h.  Insurance Renewals i.  Upcoming Budget Process j.  Movement of funds to GBC Money Market Account 

Old Business – Gary Sharrett

New Business – Gary Sharrett

Vote to Adjourn – Gary Sharrett


Next Fire Task Force Meeting: June 24th at 6:30 p.m.

Next Vernon Township Board Meeting: July 24th at 6:30 p.m.

Repair Addendum

Parks Repairs


Out-of Code Swing Set

Mulch for Play Areas

Fix Plastic Playground Set bolts

Clean Up Graffiti

Fix Rusted Basketball Backboards

Tennis Court Cracks

Basketball Court Cracks


Plumbing System – REPLACED (Project Complete)

Broken Bench on Tennis Court

Tennis Court Cracks

Rotting Shed

Mulch for Play Area

Missing Panel in Plastic Playground Set

Cemetery Repairs

On 234

4 Broken Headstones


Numerous Repair Needs to Headstones

Brush needs to be cut back

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