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Vernon Township Board Meeting Agenda December 11, 2019

I. Call Meeting to Order - Gary Sharrett

II. Board Meeting Minutes a. November 20 Board Meeting Minutes b. December 3 Board Meeting Minutes

III. Insurance Update – Lona Huffman, RT Insurance a. Assessment/Recommendations b. Work Comp

IV. Finance – Amanda Fronek a. Salary Resolution (Board Vote) b. End of Year Budget Appropriations c. Construction Budget/End of Year Encumbrance (Board Vote) d. Credit Cards and Debit Card Status e. 1782 Notice Status f. Growth Appeal Status g. Reestablish Cum Fire Fund Rate in January h. Fire Debt Loan (Board Vote) i. New Bank Account for EMS Deposits j. Others

V. Township – Florence May

a. Home Rule Ordinance – to support donation fund (Board Vote) b. Policies 1. Credit Card Policy Use – Board Resolution 2. Internal Controls https://www.in.gov/sboa/files/UniformInternalControlStandards.pdf i. End of 2019 - Access to Funds Certification: Trustee and Deputy Trustee - Internal Controls Training Certification: Trustee, Deputy Trustee, Board ii. Vote on Materiality Policy – State recommends $500 Cash and $2000 Non-Cash (Gary) iii. Township Board will adopt Materiality Resolution at January board meeting. iv. Board names oversight committee in December. Adopt resolution in January. v. Board reviews Control Environment and Structure diagram. No vote required. vi. Trustee Directive presented to the Board and included in January minutes. 3. Nepotism - Employment and Vendor Policy - Board and Trustee Certifications

c. SBOA Audit Results and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) i. Post Interest Monthly ii. Salary Resolution iii. Debit Card/Credit Card Policy

d. Special Legislation - McCordsville and VT Fire Task Force Presentations (complete) - County Invitation – January 7, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. Courthouse Annex - Next Steps

VI. Property Management and Contracts - Florence May & Stacy Nielsen

a. Parks & Cemeteries - New Basketball Backboards in Old School Park – Complete as of November 21 - Softball League Meeting - December 3 - Three flags and rigging down (Gilliam-Chapel, Hampton Fields & Old School Park) - Broken headstones at Cemetery on SR 234 - Quotes for Tennis Courts, Basketball Court and Softball Fields - Assessments of Parks and Cemeteries - 2020 Spending Priorities

b. Property Sales/Lease Exploration Process

- Property Assessment for Maintenance and Updates of 3 properties - Property Valuation for Sales and Lease of 3 properties - Township Needs vs. Wants (Priorities) - Strategies/Timeline

c. 2020 McCordsville Volunteer Station Lease

- Extension of 2019 Lease into 2020 - Attorney review of proposed lease

d. 2020 Green Township Agreement Update

VIII. EMS – Kiely Culberson, Vernon Township EMS Coordinator

a. EMS Staffing and Onboarding Process

b. January 1, 2020 Vernon Township EMS

c. 2020 Spending Priorities

IX. Fire – Todd Jordan, Chief Vernon Township Fire Department

a. Run Report (Fire and medical totals for the year/breakout by McCordsville, Fortville and Green Township)

b. Staffing Update

c. Safe Haven Baby Box – Update

d. Firefighter I & II Course Update

e. 2020 Spending Priorities

X. Township Assistance – Stacy Nielsen, Township Assistance and Community Engagement

a. Update on 2019 Services Provided b. Thanksgiving Partnerships c. Community Garden d. 2020 Priorities

XI. Old Business – Gary XII. New Business – Gary

- Proposed 2020 Meeting Agenda

XIII. Vote to Adjourn – Gary

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