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Vernon Township Advisory Board Organizational Meeting January 2, 2019.

Vernon Township Advisory Board

Organizational Meeting

January 2, 2019

I. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Township Trustee, Florence May.

II. Meeting attendees were introduced:

a. Florence May – Trustee

b. Gary Sharrett – Board Member

c. Marybeth Sears – Board Member

d. Nancy Cushman – Board Member

e. Amanda Fronek – Deputy Trustee

f. Todd Jordan – Public Safety Director

g. Virginie McNamar – Community Outreach

h. Jeff McCoy – Fortville Fire Chief

i. Trevor Oak – Fortville Fire Department Treasurer

j. Ray Hashley – McCordsville Fire Chief

k. Noah Jaehnert – McCordsville Fie Department Treasure

l. Nancy Strickland – Executive Director, Fortville/McCordsville Area Chamber of Commerce

m. Becky Davis – concerned citizen

III. Review of the Board Roles and Responsibilities:

a. The Board is responsible for the financial issues for the township. They are to ensure fiscal

responsibility and the best use of taxpayer money.

b. The Board provides support to the Trustee.

c. The Board is required to meet 4 times a year – the organizational meeting (tonight), the annual meeting (February 13), Public Hearing meeting in September and the Budget

meeting in October. The Board may meet more often as is deemed necessary. The Board agreed that we will continue to meet monthly.

d. The township is responsible for parks, cemeteries, public assistance and the fire


IV. Elections

a. Board Officers

 Board President – Gary Sharrett

 Board Secretary – Nancy Cushman

b. Finance Board Officers

 President – Marybeth Sears

 Secretary – Nancy Cushman

Vernon Township Advisory Board

Organizational Meeting

January 2, 2019

V. Township Staff/Roles

a. Florence May – Township Trustee - #1 priority is public safety and budgets. She has met with the township departments and the township planner. Goal is to get a strategic plan in place.

b. Amanda Fronek – Deputy Trustee – very detail oriented. Help keep Florence on task.

c. Rene Oldam – Trustee-Designee. Only in place if something would happen to Florence. Amanda did not want that designation.

d. Virginie McNamar – Community Outreach – She has built the new website. There are areas for both fire departments and will help promote activities, events and recruiting. Her goal is to build stronger community partnerships and increase the volunteer base. All the necessary forms for public assistance have been put online on the website. She is working on continued partnerships with non-profits in the community for long term assistance that the trustee cannot provide.

e. Todd Jordan – Public Safety Director – Todd will be reviewing the overall public safety of the township. He will review the budgets, contracts, maintenance of equipment and buildings, manpower and engaging the mutual aid partners. There will be a Task Force formed.

VI. Contract process for Vernon Township McCordsville and Fortville Volunteer Fire Departments

– Florence has looked at the existing contracts. There is very little accountability in them. She will be sitting down with both chiefs to review and see what tracking measurements should be there and where the holes are. Will work with both stations on the budget and how we can start building an umbrella of unity. One recommendation is to put into place an awards/recognition program for both stations.

VII. Sale of Auto Sport and Main Street Buildings – now is the time to start the sale process of both buildings. Financial indicators point toward a possible recession; therefore, it would not be prudent to sit on these properties. The proper process will be followed starting with appraisals.

The board was reminded that the bond rate for the new fire station was received since there were properties that could be sold. We must do what is most responsible for the taxpayers of the township.

VIII. Interviewing Building Inspectors – this is for the new fire station. There have been several interviewed. Jim Nolte did his own inspections and has expressed an interest at an hourly rate.

IX. Township Assistance Policy Review - The assistance policy must be reviewed, approved by the board and submitted to the county commissioner. The policy is on the website. The applicant must reside in Vernon Township, complete the online application, meet with the township

intake coordinator, and provide the listed documents. Assistance is one-time help and provided on a case by case basis. If long term assistance is needed, the applicant will be referred to other non-profits. Applicants have the right to appeal a denial and that information is on the website as well. In time, a work fair program may be added that would partner with neighboring townships. This policy will be reviewed every 6 months. A motion was made by Gary Sharrett to accept the policy as presented. The motion was seconded by Marybeth Sears. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

X. Proposed meeting schedule:

a. The following dates are proposed for future meetings:

February 13 th – Annual Report

March 27 th

April 24 th

May 22 nd

June 26 th

July 24 th

August 28 th

September 25 th -Public Hearing

October 23 rd – Budget

November 27 th

December 18 th

XI. New Business: - It needs to be noted that there may be an error on the Trustee pay on the proposed budget.

XII. The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote at 8:20 pm.

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