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IHCDA Rental Assistance Program


The Rental Assistance Portal is currently accepting applications for the Emergency Solutions Grant CARES Act (ESG-CV) rental assistance program. This program can provide up to 6 months in rental assistance to help cover past due and ongoing monthly rent payments for qualifying Indiana renters living outside of Marion County (Indianapolis).

Information on the ESG-CV rental assistance program:
For renters: English | Spanish


The application to apply can be found here.

For assistance with submitting an application over the phone, please call: 1-833-201-0974

For all other inquiries, please call: 1-844-463-7368

These phone numbers are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern.­

Mortgage Assistance 

Hoosiers Hardest Hit Fund-



A. Indiana Homeowner

B. Own only 1 mortgaged home, currently reside in home.

C. Are unable to make monthly mortgage payments and/or have past due balance because of involuntary employment related financial hardship.

D. Meet additional requirements based on income. 

Essential Utility Resources for extended repayment of past due balances

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission) issued an Order today in Phase 1 of its investigation (Cause No. 45380) into the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID19) on ratepayers and utilities in the state. In the Order, the Commission requires all jurisdictional utilities to continue to offer extended payment arrangements for a minimum of six months to all customers for an additional 60 days, through Oct. 12, 2020. The Order states, “…while utilities are not prohibited from offering (and are instead encouraged to offer) payment plans that provide for payment periods of greater than six months, all payment plan offers must not unjustly discriminate between customers and address all arrearages, whether from the winter moratorium or public health emergency, in a single payment plan.” Additionally, the Commission continued to suspend the collection of certain utility fees by jurisdictional utilities (late fees, deposits, and disconnection/reconnection fees) for an additional 60 days, until Oct. 12, 2020, for residential customers. Utilities may resume charging convenience fees as set forth in the rates and charges established in their Commission-approved tariffs. The Commission continues to expect and encourages customers and utilities to communicate as soon as possible to set up payment arrangements as necessary so utility service can be maintained.  Please review the information below provided by the utility providers.


Unemployment Filing

Contact Work One to file a claim for unemployment by following the link below or contacting via phone     



Local Food Pantries

Click on our Food Pantry to page to see the most recent information regarding food pantry operations as well as map that can be downloaded and/or printed.

Central Indiana COVID-19 Resources

Please follow the link below to find additional resources:

Free or low cost Internet services

Check out the following sites or call to see if your address is serviced

Spectrum- 1-844-488-8395



Affordable housing solutions

Applications for ICAP Energy Assistance Program Open Now

The Energy Assistance Program can help pay your heat and
electric bills. EAP is a federally funded program through
the US Department of Health and Human Services through the
Indiana Housing and Community Development Agency.